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Websites quickly and easily become part of the world wide web

Whether your goal is to put a business card site online, want to reach a wider audience, start e-commerce, publish information on a blog, or have a completely different concept for building your online business, we can help you achieve your goals.

In constant contact with everyone

If you want to keep in touch with others through networking, websites are just what you need.

They allow you to offer your products and services 24 hours a day, collect customer inquiries through contact forms, look for new employees, and even automate your online store in such a way that it makes money while you sleep.


You're in charge manage the information on your website

Websites are not just a bit of text with some multimedia added. They have now become a place to exchange information, data and goods.

Thanks to the fact that we base all our websites on an intuitive WordPress system, you can manage the content according to your needs.

WordPress allows you to manage text, galleries, offers, job postings, users, products in your store, integrations with external systems, and anything else you wish.


Sell / earn more from your products and services

If you want to reach a larger audience, an online store is the solution you need.

Maybe you sell downloadable e-commerce products, and you want to completely automate the sales process so that your store makes money without your participation. Perhaps your goal is to expand the sales of your stationery store and reach a wider audience with your products.

Whatever your goals are, we are here to help you grow your business and provide technical support even in the most demanding solutions.

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Manage products

Manage your offer and add descriptions, images and product variations. Assign them to different categories to make it easier to find them in the store.

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Payment systems

Integrate your store with the payment system of your choice, which will allow your customers to pay instantly.

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Customer accounts

Allow your customers to create accounts while shopping. Thanks to that they will be able to manage their orders and use your services even more often.

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Promotions and marketing campaigns

Create special promotions for customers in your store by Using discount coupons.


Our experts have been building websites and various, even the most advanced WordPress-based systems for years. To date, we have provided highly personalised services for large clients.

We have been doing it under the DeveloPress brand, but recently we decided to take the experience we have gained so far and create a new brand - NUPLO. It meets the expectations of a much wider audience while constantly maintaining the high quality of its services.

Just the way you want it


$3 500

$2 200

If you want to show yourself to the world and appear on the worldwide web, this solution is for you.

  • Manage texts, photos, videos and audio via the administration panel
  • The website will be coded and tested to work correctly on phones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • Three months of hosting free of charge
  • SSL security certificate
  • We will add a contact form on the website

Online shop

$5 800

$3 700

If you want to start trading online, you need an online shop. An online shop contains the same things as a website, but in addition makes it possible:

  • Management of products and product categories
  • Online payments
  • Creation of customer accounts
  • Marketing campaigns with discount codes
  • Product search
  • Configuration of different shipping options

Website add-ons / personalise everything to suit your needs

Our offer is not limited to basic websites and online shops. We can provide many more services that may interest you and will further simplify the process of your online expansion. These include:

  • Individual design
  • Logo design
  • Text editing for the website
  • Coding customised functionality tailored to your needs
  • Calculators and product configurators
  • Implementing previously prepared layouts into a working website
  • Website migration to WordPress
  • Possibility of attaching a blog (a division of posts into categories, category pages, filtering, sorting and searching for posts)
  • Website animations
  • Text translation
  • Multi-language support for your website
  • Hosting
  • Social media integration
  • Live chat implementation